Designer Statement


Designer Statement

After an unsuccessful attempt at knitting in my youth (much to my grandmother's understandable chagrin), I put away the sticks. Twenty-five years later, in search of a hobby and a creative outlet, divine inspiration hit and I thought it would be fun to try crochet. It had me at "chain 15." I found Ravelry through someone's Etsy shop statement while crushing on handspun yarn and wondered, "What's that?" That turned out to be the beginning of everything.

Almost from the start I was experimenting with my ideas for stitch patterns and accessories design. I busily kept notes, but never seemed to find the time to write up a formal pattern. Then a gentle push (OK, a public calling out, but I liked it!) from a fellow Raveler delightfully shamed me into writing up Still of the Night Collared Capelet. I now fear that I cannot physically control the number of ideas for patterns that I have. I consider this a happy problem.

My aesthetic tends toward refined lines with antique touches, texture, and structure with ease. Unless we're talking about amigurumi. Then it's all about the cuteness turned up to 11.

All of my patterns are tested and I make my FOs multiple times in an effort to make the patterns error-free and easy to understand. If you ever have a question, please contact me and I'll do my best to help. Enjoy and thanks for supporting the handmade arts!

Hook at the ready,

Cathy Dipierro